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establishing the mid ppoint of a line/polyline

albud1962 Global Mapper UserTrusted User
edited August 2014 in Vector Data
is there a way to create the mid point of a line or polyline, similar to the centroid feature of the area command?
My SW version is Global Mapper v15.2.1 (b052114) [64-bit]


  • Thea_bmg
    Thea_bmg Global Mapper User
    edited August 2014
    Hi Albud1962,

    You can create a vertex at the midpoint of a polyline by selecting it with the digitizer tool and then right clicking. From the right-click menu choose Crop/Combine/Split functions, and 'Resample/Split Selected Feature(s) at Specified Spacing'. In the dialog box that appears, choose the first option 'Sample Features at Fixed Number of Regularly Spaced Locations', and enter 3 in as the sample count (To sample the beginning, midpoint, and end of the line). If you want to split the line into two features at the midpoint, select the option to 'Split Into New Features at New Vertices,' otherwise, leave this unchecked. This will create a new vertex at the midpoint of your line.

    Hope this helps,
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