Calculating Volume above and Below a designated elevation of a given area

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I've been assigned with calculating the volume on a raster surface of a polygon. I need to calculate how much volume (m3) is above 3.20 m and how much volume there is below the 3.20 m elevation.

I have a raster surface and the polygon.

Thanks in advance.


  • DionybellDionybell Global Mapper User Posts: 33Trusted User
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    Also, I noticed on some other posts that some versions of GM had errors in the volume calculations. I'm using a release version I downloaded in June, is that ok?
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    Hi Dionybell, If you want to upgrade to the most recent version of the application (15.2.8 was released yesterday) you can do so at the following link: Global Mapper Downloads

    Start by adding the surface elevation values to your polygon (Select the polygon with the Digitizer, right click and choose Attribute/Style Functions > Apply Elevations from Terrain Layers to Selected Feature(s))

    With the polygon selected, calculate the pile volume (Right Click on the map and choose Analysis/Measurement > PILE VOLUME - Calculate the volume of selected Piles/Areas).

    Then limit the visible elevation of your terrain surface (Click on the options button in Overlay Control Center, and change the Maximum Valid Elevation in the Alter Elevation Values tab to 3.2m), you can then calculate the pile volume again to obtain the amount of the original pile volume that is below 3.2m.

    Hope this helps!

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