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I'm having a few issues that are mildly annoying rather than real problems. First, every time I open a new window and want to open a file, the automatic option is for "Recent file types," and I have to manually change it to "Commonly used types" because the "Recent file types" doesn't seem to recognize the files I want to open. So I was wondering if the Open File setting could be changed so that it automatically remembers my last setting even if I close GM.

Second, after I copy and paste layers from the Control Center, the cursor automatically changes to "Move," which can be problematical because I usually don't want to automatically move anything, and sometimes I've mistakenly moved a polygon. So I'm wondering if there's a way to have the cursor stay as the Digitizer tool upon pasting.

Last, sometimes when I open a new instance of GM when another window is open, I get the tooltip windows, even though I've checked "Do not show this window again" in the past, and sometimes I have to redo some settings in Configure as well. So it doesn't seem to remember my past GM settings.

These are small issues, but if there's something I can do to resolve them, it wold make my workflow a little more efficient--thanks for any help.


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    Hello JSL,

    First: There is not any way to change the default, although your last selected filter should be remembered. Recent File Types starts as the same as Common File Types, and then just adapts to what you actually use.

    Second: I have submitted an enhancement request for this, or to add the option to disable the automatic cursor 'move' after pasting, and revert back to the active Digitizer tool in the workspace after a successful paste. The enhancement ID# is 14188.

    Last: Can you tell me what version of the application you are using? Are you getting the tooltip window(s) for all the interface components?

    Efficient workflows are the best sort!


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    Hi Jasmine, thanks for your reply and for submitting that request. I use v.15.2, and I don't get the tooltip windows for all interfaces, and I don't get them regularly--it's just once in a while.
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    If you go under the Edit menu there is already an option to control whether or not you automatically enter move mode when pasting features. Just uncheck that and you should be good to go!

    For the tooltips, the on/off state is saved whenever you close Global Mapper, so if you opened one instance and while that ran checked some 'Don't Show Again' options, then started another instance of GM, and after that closed the first. The options from the first instance of GM would be overwritten by the second instance, and that one won't have known about the new checked options if the first instance was still running.


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    Thanks as usual for the quick reply!
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