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Problem With DWG Export And Origins

ForgeSouth Global Mapper User
edited August 2014 in Vector Data
Hi everybody,

I am having a bit of a problem exporting DWG files from GlobalMapper... I am exporting the contours because I am modelling a coastal area where there is not a lot of height information to show up in grey-scale so both Vue and 3ds Max are not reading the data at all.

I have created contours and everything is great, it is also importing into 3ds Max ok, EXCEPT, in order to model something on the surface, the object must be imported to the origin of the scene in 3ds Max. Otherwise all the dimensions are thrown out - it doesn't work like AutoCAD.

So when I import the contours as DWG it places the object at the GPS coordinates of the export from GlobalMapper which is causing HUGE problems.

Question: Is there a way to 'zero' or reset the export origin or location from GlobalMapper so that it will import to position 0,0,0 in 3ds Max?!

Thanks for the help!


  • Ice Age Mark
    Ice Age Mark Global Mapper User Trusted User
    edited August 2014
    I don't even know what 3ds Max is, but if you use a projection such as Orthographic (centered at your 0,0,0 position) in GM, the exported coordinates "might" have the appropriate values, I think (?). Just a possible clue, not an answer to your question. Don' know if that will help.
  • ForgeSouth
    ForgeSouth Global Mapper User
    edited August 2014
    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the quick reply. Gave it a shot, but unfortunately it did not change anything, same problem :(

    Oh, haha, 3ds Max is 3D modelling software from Autodesk. I use it for architectural visualisations.
  • Jasmine_BMG
    Jasmine_BMG BMG Staff
    edited August 2014
    Hi ForgeSouth,

    To get the DWG to import to 0,0 you would need to change to a projection with a central latitude and longitude where you want the origin - to get 0,0 at the desired origin.


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