Exporting raster with multiple layers for easy Photoshop edit

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I didn't find something related to my question, so I hope somebody can help.
We need to merge the multiple maps generated by the various mission plans made with our SenseFly eBee.
After I make a new map catalog and add all the geoTiff maps, when I export the raster, I can only export an image on only one layer. Due the fact that the information on the external portions of the single maps doesn't always match with the adjacent, we have to do a lot of photoshop editing.. this would be much more easier if I could have the option to export a geotiff that has multiple layers, each one with a single map.
Is this somehow possible with GM 15.0?
Thank you!


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    Hi Audiolux,

    It is not possible to export a layered Tiff, but here are a couple things to try that might make your workflow easier:

    Rather than exporting a single map, could you try either a batch export or exporting tiles?

    To do a batch export: Go to file > batch convert/project, and select the input type of your files. On the next dialog box select the export type. When the batch conversion dialog box opens, you can select 'Add Onscreen Files' from the left side of your dialog box to add all of the files in your map catalog. On the right side of the dialog, you can select a save location and naming structure for your images, a projection, and various other options depending on your export file type. When you click OK, this will export your images to a new file type.

    To tile your output: When you go to File > Export Raster/Image format, select the tiling tab. You can then either choose to tile your output by number of rows/columns, or a tile size.
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    Thea's response to try using File, Batch Convert/Reproject..., [JPG to GeoTIFF (Raster Imagery)], etc., doesn't address the need to export a layered Photoshop document.

    Using the tile solution totally misses the point.

    The need is for a multi-layered export in the Photoshop document formats; i.e., both .psd and .psb (over 2GB).

    See https://www.adobe.com/devnet-apps/photoshop/fileformatashtml/ for further information detailing the specifications for this type of format.

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