Query: Unable to Make Background (Void) Pixels Transparent for GEOTIFF export v12.02

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Hi there,

I'm running v12.02 on my laptop and v~15 on my processing computer. It seems that whan using the v12.02, there is no effect on the export raster (GEOTIFF) with, or without checking the Make Background (Void) Pixels Transparent option whereas it seems to work (as assumed) OK when using V~15.

When viewing the export raster in Windows Photo Viewer, my cropped image still has a white background after selecting the 'Make Background (Void) Pixels Transparent' option (v12.02).



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    Are you exporting a transparent 8-bit palette or 24-bit RGB GeoTIFF? There may have been minor additional flags set in the exported GeoTIFF in versions after v12.02 to make the image show as transparent in all applications. If you load the transparent image from v12.02 back in to GM is it transparent? If so that would indicate that the transparency method used was supported in GM, but maybe not other applications. GM 15 is likely setting some other things in the GeoTIFF header so it works everywhere and not just back in GM.


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