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There have been a few threads on developing the path profile to be more usable and I know the enhancements that have been implemented in the last couple of years have gone a massive way to this end so thank you for that.

I've been doing (and will need to do more) multiple profiles which I normally construct by drawing perpendicular lines, at a given distance along a drawn line at whatever length I need - all good. I then export the data to csv and open in Excel to do my graphs. What I have noticed is that the number of points sampled is 1025 for each profile irrespective of the length of the line so I figure there is a reason for this?

Is it possible to have lines sampled with say an even 1000 points as we can then use the linear value against the line length to get accurate scale? I know we can do the maths on the 1025 but it would be so much easier to do it on rounded values!



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    Hi Kent,

    I think that you can set that value yourself in the "Path Profile/Line of Sight" dialog. In the dialog's menu, select "Path Setup" / "Specify Sample Count / Spacing Distance", and change the value for "Sample Elevations at Fixed Number of Regularly Spaced Locations" to the number of samples that you want. Note that the number of lines in a CSV file generated from this setting has an extra line at the top that gives the column names; the actual number of samples will be the number specified here.

    Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


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    Thanks Jeff - once you know, you know! :cool:
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