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I have a geotiff and that's needs to by a specific resolution.
columns 65536 and rows 32768. In the export raster window i set geotif and in the tilling tab i set the rows and columns. When i try a export i get a error

"unexpected exception processing command message 32793 with code 0"

Can anyone help my with this problem?

greetings Peter


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    The Tiling tab in the Export Options dialog box is not used for establishing the resolution of the exported file. This tool is typically used to create multiple image files in a regular array from a single image. To specify the resolution parameters, click the GeoTIFF Options tab and enter the appropriate values in the Sample Spacing/Scale fields.

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    Hi Peter,

    By selecting Tiling for your export, what you're actually doing is specifying an export to a tiled set of GeoTIFF files; in your case, that's 65536 rows and 32768 columns, corresponding to over 4 billion generated files files (65536 * 32768). I'm pretty sure that that's not quite what you want.

    Are you trying to export to specific GeoTIFF dimensions of 65536x32768? I don't think that Global Mapper allows you to do that directly, but you should be able to approximate that by manipulating the DPI value and Export at Fixed Scale setting, and your export bounds to get those dimensions. If you really need that exact resolution, you could also make use of a 3rd-party image editor to rescale your generated image.


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