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I plan to write off this computer. Can you pls tell me how to move my GM program to the new computer?


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    You will need to deauthorize your machine before the license can be moved to another machine. To do this, go to Help, and then select Release/Remove from the drop down menu. Once completed this will replace the license file on the computer with a removal code, and copy this code to your computer's clip board - depending on your internet access, the removal confirmation will be sent to Blue Marble licensing servers and you will then be able to use your order number to register the application on the new computer.

    If the old computer is offline or the removal confirmation does not automatically complete for some other reason, the removal code will be contained in a file named 'GlobalMapper.lic_removed' in the following directory location for most computers: C:\ProgramData\GlobalMapper\GlobalMapper15. Please send in the removal code or the 'GlobalMapper.lic_removed' file to . Once received, we will be able to authorize another machine for installation of your Global Mapper license. If you run into any trouble with this, please email us directly at that same email address so we can look into any specifics of your order.

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