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converting ArcGIS offline tile caches *.tpk

hklixhklix Global Mapper UserPosts: 1
edited June 2014 in Raster Data
It seems GlobalMapper can't read *.tpk files. I have a few such files that work really quick in an Android app.

However, I need to use them on PC in other software and therefore convert the data into something more useful and common.

I have acces to ArcGis (never used before) and opened the tpk files, but wasn't able to export the untouched raster data as a whole. Mostly because the size is prohibitive - ArcGIS indicates 1000 TB uncompressed. But I think there's an error in the data since zoom to raster resolution zooms in way to far and only displays blank.

Any ideas how and as what I could save this stuff so that I can open it in Globalmapper and export it as something proper like ECW?

I'm aware that tpk file contain many layers. But in this case they are only zoom levels of the original, most bottom layer and that is the only data I need.

Thanks a ton for any help!


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