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error message creating lines from areas

JSL Global Mapper UserTrusted User
edited June 2014 in Bug Report
When I was creating lines from areas, I got the following error report:

Unhandled exception processing command message 33095 with code 0.
Read access violation at data address 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF,
program address 0x0000000140029DA8.

Version: v15.2.4
Build Time: Jun 11 2014 21:19:52

Stack Trace:
0000000140029DA8 (global_mapper)
000000014040A501 (global_mapper)
000000005B044BAC (mfc90)
000000005B044E14 (mfc90)
000000014040C888 (global_mapper)
00000001400BB63E (global_mapper)
000000005B005F68 (mfc90)
000000005B00506F (mfc90)
000000005B004FD4 (mfc90)
000000005B0031A4 (mfc90)
000000005B003551 (mfc90)
000000005B000503 (mfc90)
00000000779D9BD1 (USER32)
00000000779D98DA (USER32)
000000005B05D70A (mfc90)
... (6 Additional Stack Items Hidden)


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