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I'm using Global Mapper 15.2 on a Windows 8.1 Dell XPS 8700 with i7 Quad Core 3.4 GHz and 32gb of RAM and 2gb Video/Graphics Card and 256gb SSD Drive and 1TB Hard Drive.
I'm constantly getting NOT RESPONDING or is very slow! My CPU Utilization rarely goes above 20% with one Global Mapper session and 15-20% Memory.
I'm processing lots of Digital Raster Aeronautical Charts GeoTIFF's cropping/de-collaring them and generating tiles.
It does not matter if I'm doing it from the GUI of the application or from Global Mapper Scripts I'm always having performance issues. The other day I tried the same job I was running on a co-workers workstation dual Xeon 16core and 128gb of RAM and 6gb Graphics and Global Mapper had the same Not responding or very slow to respond. I've bumped up my virtual memory and looked at Task Manager and Resource Manager and done other testing with other tools. I can't get to the bottom of this. I've also had several times where the application did not get out of Not Responding and I've had to kill the process or application. Thanks Jordan


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    Please see the thread here: Similar issue, I believe, and we'll be looking at making improvements like this over time.


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    I also wish to point out that recently, only recently after updates of windows components, GM seems to have memory handling problems when loading raster images with large number of calibration points. Upon loading the gmw, GM would pump the ram usage to 32GB (my installed physical ram. I have configured OS to handle virtual ram automatically), then GM would stop responding (reported by task manager). I have to kill the process to free the system from the stuck. In the past, GM did not have this problem. I am now not able to open quite a number of gmw prepared when the problem was not there.
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    Can you provide a sample workspace and image so I can try and reproduce this? There is an in-memory mesh created for faster rectification that could get large for large images with a large number of control points (i.e. hundreds), but 32GB is ridiculous! I would expect maybe 32MB.


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    It seems that I can identify at least one cause of the problem. Usually, my work flow is to georeference some small crops of a big map one by one. After this, I then combine the individual small parts into a big map. After combining the individual small parts, I shall save the big map as gmw for further handling. Quite often, I then cannot reopen the combined gmw. I previously suppose this is due to the big size of the combined map with hundreds of gcp. Quite surprisingly, when I work back to try to reopen the individual small crops, I found that some of the small crops cannot be reopened. I say surprising, because the small crops are previously working gmw that will be opened for combining into the big map, but then for no reason becomes not openable. I have examined by notepad the content of the gmw of the combined big map, it contains all the gcp of the now not openable small crop. Thus, it is the content of the small crop file that causes the problem.

    I am sending you by email one of the small crop for your perusal.
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