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Aster GDEM Geotiff to Relief-/Displacement-map (black-white gradient in 16 bit tiff)

richards Global Mapper User
edited June 2014 in Elevation Data
Hi all,

I want to use Aster GDEM elevation data in a 3d modeling tool (cinema 4d) and generate a Displacement map from the GDEM Geotiff. When i open the Geotiff in a picture viewer or Photoshop its all black (because its not meant as a visual relief map). Cinema 4d doesnt understand geospatal information or Geotiff - it needs a black-white gradient where the black represents the lowest elevation and the complete white the highest elevation.

Is there a simple way to convert Aster GDEM Geotiff to a black-white gradient in 16 bit highresolution tiff?
I want it as close as possible to real Geotiff information and not to loose value in the highlights or in the dark greys which happens if you convert Geotiff manually by applying gradients/levels.

I see I can choose gradient shader for elevation data in GM but this exports only in Raster images as 8 bit tiff or jpg.
I would like to have the most detailed information in 16 bit tiff.

Thanks for any hints!


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