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Sorry for using this place to as a question but I haven't been able io find
"Post A New Thread" anywhere else on the Forum :(

The question is:
I need to reprojest a set of .hgt tiles from geographic to UTM projection.
I have drawn a rectangle (New Area Feature) snapped to 4 points created
using the option "Create New Point/Text Feature At Specified Position".
Those 4 points are located in the corners of my area. After changing projection
the upper and bottom edges of the area become arcs but the same doesn't
happen to the edges of my area: the edges remain straight lines.
Global Mapper (I use G M ver. 9) reprojects only the edges of the drawn area.

Is it possible for GMapper 9 to reproject the edges of the area (all the points on
4 lines) as well and how to do it?

Kind regards

Maciej (samaia)


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    Reprojecting a vector feature will just reproject the vertices, then draw straight lines between them in whatever projection you are currently using to display. To just reproject a file though, load the HGT, then change the projection on the Projection tab of the Configuration dialog to UTM, then use File->Export->Export Elevation Data to export to a new file in the UTM projection. You can specify the bounds on the Export Bounds tab of the Configuration dialog.

    If you need to export to curved lat/lon bounds in UTM, first export cropped to the lat/lon bounds, then load that back in and change the projection to UTM. The boundaries will be along lat/lon boundaries, then will be curved in UTM.

    Note that the HGT format itself is always in lat/lon/WGS84, so you would have to export to a different format (like BIL which is basically the same as HGT) in UTM.


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