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most online WMS services do not connect in GM 15

happymapper Global Mapper User
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Ive tried most of the listed WMS connections hard coded into the GM 15 release and have not been able to connect. particularily, the NAIP imagery under US DATA returns an error code 400 and does not load.

I have no idea what error code 400 means, so wondering if you can provide a current url to connect to this service.

ideally, it would be great if you can update the listed WMS URL's so at least some of them are functional.



  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
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    The NAIP server went down late this week, hopefully the USGS will have that server back up very soon. What other sources aren't working? I've tried several and all of them work fine for me. We update the source list all the time and I'm not aware of any that are currently down other than NAIP.


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  • priker
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    The NAIP server went down late this week, hopefully the USGS will have that server back up very soon.

    I've got a similar issue wtih GM11. 400 error:
    Error getting WMS server capabilities
    WMS server GetCapabilities query failed with status code 400.
    OGCWMSCapabilities.cpp - 711
    Version: v11.01
    Build Time: Jan 11 2010 10:20:26
    I came searching for a solution here and found this thread, what with the USGS server being down. Given my older version of GM, I figured I just had an old WMS link to update and went to the USGS for a fresh one. It appears that it’s only an ESRI ArcGIS server now?
    link: USGS NAIP Imagery
    USGS wrote:
    How can NAIP be accessed?
    For each state, the most recent year of NAIP Imagery DOQQs is available on an ArcGIS server. The state based services can be added into ArcGIS Desktop by adding Please note: This link will not work unless you are using ESRI's ArcGIS application. This link is for customers who can consume Web Mapping Services (WMS) only.
    This is my pre-loaded WMS server included with the GMv11.x:

    Will I be able to use Global Mapper for NAIP imagery or do I need to seek alternate software or sources?

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