Bursa Wolfe 7 Parameters from two coordinate sets

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I have looked at some of the previous entries regarding local parameter definitions but I am still not certain of what GM can provide.

I need to get a report that shows the 7 Parameter Bursa Wolfe details obtain from two sets of ASCII coordinate files.
One set of Coordinates will be in a recognised and registered projection datum and the other could be a locally defined plane grid or a locally defined system based on a recognised projection datum.

Is this something that GM can give me? If GM does not do it will Bluemarble GeoCalc do it ?

Any information would be greatly appreciated....

Pat Gilbert


  • Jasmine_BMGJasmine_BMG BMG Staff Posts: 174
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    Hi Pat,

    You would need Geographic Calculator for the transformation you are describing. Do you specifically need a 7 Parameter? I am pretty sure you could use a 7 parameter Helmert similarity transformation for that, or you could use an affine. If you can email me directly at geohelp@bluemarblegeo.com, I can help you out a bit more and get you set up with an evaluation license if you would like to test out the transformation(s) and setting up your locally defined system.


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