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I have had a complete hard drive failure. lost everything. Where can i download version 13.xx to install on my new laptop?



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    If you contact they can help you with moving your installation.


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  • Riverbum1850Riverbum1850 Global Mapper User Posts: 11Trusted User
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    Thanks I will email them.
  • Riverbum1850Riverbum1850 Global Mapper User Posts: 11Trusted User
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    Well they are no help at all!! All they want me to do is upgrade!! It appears that their interest is in selling and not in past customers!!

    And every thing stated in this link is window dressing and lip service!
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    Hello Riverbum1850,

    Thank you for your continued use of Global Mapper. The staff here at Blue Marble believes that the expense of upgrading annually to the latest, supported version of Global Mapper is a good value for returning Global Mapper customers. We continue to include as much customer requested content and new features as is possible into each release and update.

    We all work hard to keep the Global Mapper application affordable, and to also make the price of $169 a year to keep a single user license current well worth the expense. However, the Blue Marble team also understands that mapping professionals and recreational Global Mapper users alike have other demands on their respective budgets. We do try our best to accommodate their respective needs, while also meeting the needs of managing a small (but growing!) company.

    I think that if you reply to the last email correspondence received from the Blue Marble Sales and Account Management team, and continue a dialogue with them you will find that you will not be forced into upgrading to the current version to regain access to the Global Mapper application.

    Please reply to the last email from at your earliest convenience, and let them know that you are simply unable to upgrade at this time, and just need to get Global Mapper v13 working on your new laptop. Providing your current and complete contact information, will mean they register you as a Global Mapper v13 user with Blue Marble and get what you need to access the application right out to you.

    If you would like to evaluate the current version of Global Mapper, you may certainly do so with no strings attached. If you have any questions during the evaluation period, please contact the Blue Marble support team at – we always offer full support for the current version of Global Mapper, even for those evaluating the application.


    Jasmine Bird
  • Riverbum1850Riverbum1850 Global Mapper User Posts: 11Trusted User
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    With all Due respect! I received your first reply almost instantly wanting me to upgrade. I replied immediately stating I just wanted to re install what I had. that was several days ago.I received nothing back. Thus the post today. Miraculously I just now received the link I wanted. Thank you!
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