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Contour within boundary lines.

mtm815 Global Mapper UserTrusted User
edited May 2014 in Technical Support
I've hand drawn a contour map and I want to digitize the map in GM. The map is a subsurface structure map drawn within isopach boundary lines. I've digitize the map by tracing the hand drawn contour lines labeled under "contour line, major" in the feature type dialogue box. I've also added the elevation value as an attribute to each contour line. I traced and labeled the isopach boundary lines as "invisible boundary" for the feature type. When I go to grid the elevation for the contour layer I created it does work properly. Is there any way to grid the elevation from the contour layer and have GM honor the boundary lines?

I've attached an image of my project to hopefully clear up some confusion of what I''m talking about.

Thanks for the help.

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