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How to convert GDB terrain data to USGS DEM?

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I've been provided with 5 ft LIDAR terrain data in a ArcGIS Geodatabase format. I need to convert this data into USGS DEM (.DEM) format in order to use within our tool. Can you please assist me with converting the data? I attempted to use the batch conversion to convert the gdb files and I recieved the error below.

Error converting from file M:\LARIAC\LARIAC.gdb\gdb to file
Unknown error loading ESRI File Geodatabase data \LARIAC_BUILDINGS_2008.

Error converting from file M:\LARIAC\LARIAC.gdb\gdb to file
Unable to load overlay gdb
Read access violation at data address 0x0442AD60,
program address 0x0092E1CF.

Version: v13.1.3
Build Time: Mar 28 2012 20:16:10
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  • bmg_bob
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    Thank you for using Global Mapper.

    In order to import terrain data from an Esri GDB, you need to have a licensed copy of Esri ArcGIS installed and use the 32-bit version of Global Mapper. If you don't have ArcGIS, you will be limited to importing vector data from an Esri GDB.

    The easiest way to perform this conversion is to import the GDB terrain data into Global Mapper (using the File->Open Data File(s) command), then use File->Export->Export Elevation Grid Format, and choose the output format (presumably "USGS DEM") from the list that get displayed.


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