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New with global mapper "DEM surface"

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hello everyone, im new with the gm and and i have already 2 days trying to create a dem surface, to use it on a lowrance chartplotter.

I have seen many tutorials and readed about the file extension, like .bil, .dem, and raster files, but i havent accomplish my goal, how its shown on the video tutorial "Create a DEM Surface from Global Mapper to use in Civil 3d"

I already try 2 diferent ways

1. downloading lidar files from a website , but i only can open the files with .bil extention, but not the ones with hdr,prj,stx.
i convert the bil file to a grid extention but it didnt work.

2. i download directly from ASTER GDEM WORLDWIDE elevation data, the specific area i need, as i saw it on the toutorial, but i can only see a green layer with a few red color, but not the 3d image.\

i hope someone can help me, i will be very apreciated.
next i attach some images, and a .kml file

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