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z-offset for features

geo72 Global Mapper UserTrusted User
edited May 2014 in Suggestion Box
Hello global-mappers,

I just wanted to offset a line-feature in z-direction, and thought it would be possible.
But unfortunately it is not - just in x and y-direction. So I post this as a suggestion for the Move/Reshape features - shift Dialog.
It is missing to have the possibiltiy to shift everything in every direction in space.

The offset-dialog would then be complete with it!





  • 946
    946 Global Mapper User Trusted User
    edited May 2014
    just double click the line, go to Vertices tab, select all, and right click. You have there this option!

    All the best
  • geo72
    geo72 Global Mapper User Trusted User
    edited May 2014
    Many thanks!!
    so my suggestion would be just for additional comfort.

    Best regards.
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