How to drape images over an elevation model in 3D view?

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I have a digital elevation file (TIN) that shows up fine in 3D view.

I would like to be able to drape
a) an image of the slope rasters, and
b) an ortho image
(two separate maps/workflows)

The issue with a):
the slope raster takes over as the elevation model in the 3D view rather than being draped. If my elevation file is a raster rather than a TIN, the same issue occurs.
The issue with b):
the ortho picture shows up in the 3D view along with my elevation model, but everything is drawn on a plane (the elevation model gets suddenly ignored?)

I tried exploring the Overlay Control Center for options but with no luck. I'm assuming that somewhere in GM settings you can define how an image will act in 3D mode?


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    The draping in the 3D view will always be done on top of any gridded terrain layer. A TIN looks like a 3D vector layer and will render independent of other features. If you want the images draped on top of the elevations from the TIN, first use the Analysis menu command to create an elevation grid to get a grid from the TIN, then if the raster layers are after the grid in the Control Center they should automatically drape on top of that grid in 3D.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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