Adjusting the Elevation data of a DEM to the elevations of another DEM.

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Hello. I have two DEM (Geotiff files) of the same surface. The thing is, one of them is from 2011 and the new one is 2014. I want to measure the difference between volumes.

Problem is, the elevations of both DEMs are different. The one of 2011 used an geoid model (EGM08) for the datum. The new DEM was obtained from an UAV mission (photogrametry) but didn't use the geoid as a datum. The slopes are real, but the values are different.

The thing I want to do is to adjust the "bad" DEM to the correct one and THEN calculate volume differences.

I checked the option of Alter Elevations, but couldn't use that. Then I checked Combine/Compare Terrains and I think I can't use that either.

Any options that I have? Sorry for my english.

Thanks in advance.


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