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How to set a default projection?

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Hi friends,

I am using GlobalMapper 11 (64 Bit) and would ideally like to set a default projection (including zone, datum, and units) so that I do not need to access the Configuration dialogue everytime I open GlobalMapper or open a new file.

Every time I select the projection settings I would like, then open whatever file I need to work on, then unload it, I am forced to re-select the projection settings all over again. I would like the settings to remain in perpetuity, at least until I change them to something else. I know it's simple to just go in and change them every time, but when we plow through hundreds of files every day the time savings would add up.

I have attempted the following suggestions:
However when I open GlobalMapper again, it simply reverts to first default projection/datum of Geographic/WGS84 even though I have the default.prj file in the install folder set to MGA/GDA94.
This is a bit more of a mystery to me as the "Save Workspace" commands are always greyed out. Even if I could save my workspace I am not sure how to pass it as a parameter in the GlobalMapper shortcut.

I should note that in the Configuration menu, if I try to save the projection to a file, it does generate a .prj file just fine, only that file does not contain the same settings that I have it set to on screen at the time of saving (don't worry, after changing the settings I always click Apply so it should go through). For instance if I set it to MGA and hit Apply, then Save to File, the .prj file still comes out with a projection of Geographic GCS...

Can anyone help me?

Thanks friends!


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    Creating a script file with a LOAD_PROJECTION call that specifies the desired projection is what I would suggest. Name the script with a .gmw extension, then update the shortcut to Global Mapper to include a parameter that points directly to the .gmw file. Then the projection should be set automatically on start-up.

    In v15 there is also an option to add something to the Favorites to run the last script. With that you could associate a script with a keyboard shortcut to quickly run the script that sets the projection. That is not available in v11 though, so you would have to manually load the script.


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    How should a script like that look like?
    I have the same issue.


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