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simple map navigation

happymapper Global Mapper User
edited May 2014 in Suggestion Box
Hi, Ive been evaluating GM 15.1 and it seems to have some very nice and advanced features. However, I find that navigating around the map, E.G. changing scales, is very difficult and time consuming compared to other GIS apps I work with.

I think it would be wonderful if you added three functions to the map controls:

1) ability to type in the desired map scale in the coordinate bar, bottom of the page, and the map automatically zooms to the new scale, (also add standard scale choices in a drop down list)
2) right click a Layer in Overlay control - drop down box displays "zoom to selected features" as the FIRST choice
3) add a simple scale slider bar to the map canvas - ala Google zoom, and others, to quickly go to your desired scale.

one of more of these things would create a superb map nav experience.



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