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I have created an area feature, say it is 725m x 725m.

I would like to export ortho and topo imagery at a fairly high resolution at a consistent scale.

Lets say I would like 2 pixels per meter. So my resulting images would end up being 1450 pixels by 1450 pixels square.

Or, 4 pixels per meter, resulting in 2900 x 2900 images.

Any advice on how to set the sample spacing and/or DPI to achieve this result consistently? If all goes well I plan to use this to create lots of terrain surfaces based on real world data.

This would allow me to easily create high resolution textures, plus easily compute the length and width of the model I will be making in other applications. Simply divide the width / height of the image by 2 or 4, depending on which size I export.


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    The easiest way to create in a consistent manner with no chance for error would be to create a script. You could then use File->Run Script (or name as a .gmw file and simply load that to run the script) to process your data. You would use the EXPORT_ELEVATION (Global Mapper Scripting Reference) or EXPORT_RASTER script commands to export terrain and raster/imagery data. There are parameters for specifying the sample spacing (resolution) of the images, or you can instead specify a target pixel size for the export and have the spacing calculated from the bounds.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Thanks Mike. This is all pretty much Greek to me (I'm not much of a script writer) but I'll see what I can figure out.
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