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Editing island borders

Happy Larry
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If there a way to edit island borders separately so compartment borders would look different than island borders?

I would need compartment borders to be thicker than islands borders. It would be also important that power lines, water points etc. would have different type of borders and not all islands having same border style.

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  • global_mapper
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    Currently to get a different style for island borders from the parent you would have to create line features from the island features, then set them to have the different style. The lines from the island borders should draw over the rendered islands by default as lines draw after areas.

    We might add a todo item to support different styles for hole/island borders though.


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  • Happy Larry
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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I thought that might be the case. I will use the method you advised. Hopefully you look into this, like you said you might, and in future there is options for changing island features separately in the parent area.