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Hi reader,

Our client uses ArcGIS. For his region he uses "Double Stereographic", which is Esri's variation of the Stereographic projection.
Is it possible to add a custom projection to the GlobalMapper projection menu list which allows me to output a GeoTIFF image with the proper geo-header? Currently when I export a raster image as a GeoTIFF it uses GM's "Oblique Stereographic". Even if I load a custom .prj file with the wanted projection parameters, it somehow recognizes it and automatically uses "Oblique stereographic". This results in a shift of several meters in the GeoTIFF image when importing it in ArcGIS, since it doesn't recognize the "Oblique stereographic" projection that GM outputs in the header.
At the moment the way I get around this issue is by exporting the GeoTIFF without a header (with the 'Advanced: don't write geo header' checkbox in the export menu). Unfortunately it does render the TIFF image useless when not it's not complete with a .prj and .tfw file.

Thank you.


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    Which version of Global Mapper are you using? It looks like the Double Stereographic projection should be how Oblique Stereographic is interpreted in newer versions. There aren't separate GeoTIFF key values for Double Stereographic or the slightly different Oblique Stereographic in GM.


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    Hi Mike,

    I'm using v15.1.9 (b041214). When I export a GeoTIFF from globalmapper with a header included, somehow it causes a shift when I open that same GeoTIFF in ArcGIS.
    I'm exporting the image in the "DUTCH (RD)" (EPSG:28992) CRS that uses the "Oblique Stereographic" projection. The same CRS in ArcGIS (which they call "RD New") has the same parameters except that it uses "Double Stereographic" instead. This is Esri's own approach for projection of the RD New CRS. Is it possible to somehow change the projection used by GM?
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