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After exporting a VRML file I find that that data is inverted.
I believe that the longitude data is inverted (east points west).
I rotated the 3D image until facing the correct direction but then the elevation is negative (below sea level).
A screen capture can be seen here https://www.dropbox.com/s/e9io1dm7yeyv54g/Screenshot%202014-04-23.png

I use a 2009 version of Global mapper, however I had it repeated by a colleague with GM v11, who gets exactly the same result.

Do you have any suggestions ?


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    Can you try the latest v15 trial from Global Mapper Downloads and see if you see the same thing on VRML export? I just exported a WRL file from v15.1 and loaded in the Cortona 3D Viewer and it was oriented properly.

    Also if you loaded your data by rectifying make sure that you didn't enter the wrong sign for the longitude values as that would flip it in GM prior to export.


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    I followed your instructions and it appeared to work and that is because, in the meantime, I had also started to use a new viewer software.
    I can now tell you that the problem is with the viewer software, not Global Mapper!
    The old viewer exhibits a problem no matter which version of GM does the export. With the new viewer there is no problem with either.
    Thanks for the help
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