Creating Elevation Grid from DXF for Creating 3D Faces

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Hi, I have some DXF files and I'm not super familiar with the format, but my understanding is the format I have is just points and lines and I need to generate 3D faces for them.

When I try to create an elevation grid from the DXF in Global Mapper for this purpose I get a mess of polygons and sharp edges along lines where I do not expect them.

I can turn this DXF into a DAE, load it into MeshLab and use the Qhull library though Filters > Point Set > Select Visible Points to generate the faces and save it back out as DXF. This gets much better results which you can see if you load the DXF saved out of MeshLab into Global Mapper and grid it. The polygons are the same as before so I assume Global Mapper is just using the now existing 3D faces when gridding.

Global Mapper and this MeshLab filter get pretty much the same results when I run LiDAR through them, which is just points. Why do I see such different results for these DXF files that are points and lines? I'd like to be able to just generate it through Global Mapper if possible as the MeshLab way requires extra steps and takes forever to generate, plus I still have to bring it into Global Mapper to rectify and crop imagery. Are there certain settings I can set different or is Global Mapper just not designed to handle this kind of task? Sorry if I'm misunderstanding something simple here.

Thanks for any help.


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