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I'm working on making some maps in Global Mapper 13 using bathymetric data that I previously worked with in Manifold a few years ago.

Here is a map of a particular reef in Manifold:


And here is the same approximate area mapped using the same bathy data in GM13:


I'd like to generally lighten up the image to get closer of the appearance of the map I created previously. First, it seems as though the slope shading is quite a bit darker in GM. I've tried various of the shaders on the drop-down menu, but they all seem to produce an effect darker (or different) from the slope shading I previously used. Can you give me any help on how to set up shading to get closer to the visual appearance of the chart I previously made?

Second, it's been quite a while since I've worked with Manifold, but the color hues assigned to various depth ranges appear to vary in intensity (or saturation?) based on specific depth. In the shallow areas, the brown/orange color blends progressively from a lighter or more pastel color to a stronger hue. Can the same kind of effect be created in GM?


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    Custom shaders can be created in Global Mapper through the configuration dialog box (Tools > Configure...). You can set up a color range based on specific values under the Shader Options tabs in that dialog box. Hill shading can also be adjusted under the Vertical Options tab.

    Many features have been added since v13, I would recommend that you try Global Mapper v15 to see if the updated shaders options in v15 better suit your needs. There is a free 2-week trial license for v15 which can be requested directly through the application. Global Mapper v15 can be downloaded from the Blue Marble website:
    Global Mapper Downloads

    Thanks, Cassandra
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