Problem displaying 3D shape file line in 3D view

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I have a 3D shape file line that is 100 meters line with two vertices at each end
- one end is at elevation = 0 meters
- the other end at elevation =100 meters
When I look at it in the 3D viewer, it displays correctly but only if the entire line is included in the view (both ends of the line).

That is to say, if I only have some of the line visible in the 2D view - for example the first 50 meters of my line that starts at elevation=0 - when I look at the data in 3D view, the end of the line that should be at 50 meters is actually at 100 meters. So the line in this case is twice as steep as it should be.

If I am looking at just the first few meters of the line (the side that starts off at 0 meters elevation) in the 2D view when I switch to 3D, the line goes straight up.

I thought that this problem might be similar to something in a similar thread
but I downloaded that build and it does not seem to help.


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