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Batch Export GeoPDFs not using saved layers selection

GISN00b Global Mapper User
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I've downloaded the latest 2012 GeoPDFs from USGS and added those to my workspace by carefully selecting the layers I want in the "Select Layers to Render" window and by also checking the "Use These Options for All Operations". It displays fine in Global Mapper and when I re-open my workspace, it shows that my layers selection has been saved indeed.

My problem lies in the batch export to GeoTIFF since it somehow select all layers...How to make this work in batch mode?



  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
    edited April 2014
    The batch mode for PDF will select all layers by default since you don't want a layer selection box for every file. If you want to customize the layer selection you would currently have to write a script that uses DIR_LOOP_START...DIR_LOOP_END to loop over the files and IMPORT them, then use EXPORT_PDF to export them. The LOAD_FLAGS for the IMPORT command provides the layer information. To see what to use, load your GeoPDF in the main interface and save a workspace, then look at the IMPORT command for that PDF in the .gmw file to see what LOAD_FLAGS to use.

    See for information on looping over files in a script, including examples.


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