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Satellite Photo over height data.

global_noobieglobal_noobie Global Mapper UserTrusted User Posts: 15
I have a load of realworld height data which I view in Global Mapper, export as a .dem and view as a 3D model in my other 3D package.

Is it possible for me to load google maps data source inside GM (will settle for another if I have to or you know of better) over this imagery so the two locations match in the real world and can I export them both so BOTH sets of data match perfectly without me having to draw a boundary tool?
But even if I had to that would be ok, I just might miss out a tiny bit.

This should then allow me to perfectly map photographic data over the height data and get an instant boost without spending ages trying to map the photographic data over the DEM by hand as I am doing at the moment with google earth.

Great software btw, too bad I only need to touch the surface of it.


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