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Problems with elevations of 3D vector features

dcoggin Global Mapper UserTrusted User
edited April 2014 in Bug Report

I continue to have problems that creep up where I've found the elevations on 3d features have been incorrectly changed. I have found two particular sets of steps that cause incorrect elevations:


- Create a 4-sided area feature on the User Created Features layer

- Select layer options and change elevation units to feet
- Edit the feature and assign vertex elevations (1 foot)
- Join two of the vertices to form a triangle
- Check the vertex elevations and the joined vertices now display elevations of .304 ft


- Open the two attached shapefiles in GM
- There is one area feature and one line feature. Both have vertex elevations in feet.
- Check the elevation of the vertex at the intersection of the area and line features. The elevation is -2.21 feet on both features.
- Use Advanced Feature Creation Options to create a line feature on the User Created Features layer from the imported area feature. The elevation of the vertex of the newly created line feature at the intersection with the existing line now says -0.674 m.
- Copy (Ctrl-C) the original line feature and paste it using the “Paste to new layer append [COPY] . . .” option
- Now check the elevations of the line created from the area. The intersection vertex value is -0.674 ft.

Interestingly, if you create a workspace using the two attached features, save and open the workspace, then when you create the line from area the elevations remain in feet -- the same as the original area feature.

I have “Native Overlay Units” selected in the “Elevation Display/Export Units” box on the Vertical Options tab of Configuration, and I'm
using 15.1 (b040114) 64-bit. Thanks for looking at this.