GCP - Auto Incement - GRID view in Rectification

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The rectification window has three views - the entire view --The pixel view - The ref view. After doing initial rectification say with four points if we go to rectification window, the grid view is not available for Centre (pixel window). For maps without any grid printed on them or otherwise , it sometimes becomes difficult to correlate the exact pixel for the ref point. I feel that for those maps which need to be improved quite a bit ,the standard grid if made selectively visible on the center window and facility to capture coordinates and pixels together -Coordinates from standard grid and pixel from raster and to further facilitate rapid rectification, (it appears some programs are giving) Auto-Increment as per per standard grid of the projection or lat/lon would be quite an improvement over the present arrangement.

I am not sure what percentage of users actually use Global Mapper for rectification also, instead of depending on other (expensive) programs, this with any other suggestions as they come by if implemented would make quite a shift in favor of Global Mapper.



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    Thank you for the suggestion. I will consider adding something like that for a future release.


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    Thanks for accepting. Giving suggestions is quite easy. But implementation takes lot of time , knowledge and insight. Awaiting more and more exciting developments in Global Mapper


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