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Use GM Script and Python to process a mix of files from a csv

George Chandeep Corea
George Chandeep Corea Global Mapper UserTrusted User
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I recently created the attached python code to process a list of files with mixed input types. The data is clipped and original folder structure is copied to a new location. The process creates a GMS file for each item in the list and then run's it via a bat process but retains a copy of the gms file for QA.

Please delete the .txt extensions (the forum didn't let me post .bat/.py files) - is the main python code. Check the code for parameters that need to be changed.
filelist_test.csv - is a sample csv file that the code reads from. It is set up as file name or directory, crop (Yes or No)
run_GM.bat.txt - is a bat file that is used to run each gms file that's created

Thanks Mike (the GM Guru) for adding 4+ additional features to GM Script that enabled me to do this. The best customer support ever! :cool: Some of the source questions to this were

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