Export Lidar data to geotiff - error 1547

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I have problem with exporting lidar data to any other format (for example to geotiff). I created elevation grid from lidar data (.las file, almost 80Gb data), grid method: triangulation. After that I created global mapper package file (few files, summary about 20 Gb). I want to create from this few 20gb .gmp files one Geotiff file but every time I get an error: GlobalMapperGridOverlay.cpp - 1547.

I understand that I have a lot of data. Maybe to much but is there any possibility that I could create geotiff file from 20Gb large .gmp files?

I use this geotiff export options:
File type: 8-bit Palette Image or 24-bit RBG
Palette: greyscale
Resampling: Deafult or Automatically or Keep Resampling or No Resampling
Sample Spacing: From 0.1/0.1 meters to 5/5 meters
additionaly: Interpolate to Fill Small Gaps Data

Thank you for any help or advice
Mike Handerson


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