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Rotated view - local topocentric projection?

robin Global Mapper UserTrusted User
edited February 2014 in Suggestion Box

Is there any way you could create a rotated view. Perhaps an easy way is to allow the creation of a rotated local topocentric system.

1. zoom to an area
2. select view - create local topocentric.
3. prompt user to draw a line that represents x axis, with centre of project
4. add projection to list.
5. apply projection to global view




  • Jasmine_BMG
    Jasmine_BMG BMG Staff
    edited February 2014
    Hello Robin,

    Thank you for your suggestion. I will be happy to submit the enhancement request on your behalf. However, I cannot insure that a tool that allows for the easy creation of a rotated, local topocentric system will make it into a proximate Global Mapper release.

    If you send us an email at, I can add your contact information to the enhancement request.


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