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Determining Canadian Population (Census) Data

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Can someone pls advise me if, by drawing a polygon around a given area with Canadian topo maps loaded, it is possible to determine the population within the polygon? I have a piece of software called Geosuite 2011 (developed by Staats Canada) which will produce 2011 census information in Excel format but do not know how to interface this with GM.


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    Do you have some data, like point features, that have population figures also loaded? If so you could select all of those points within the area from right-click Advanced Feature Selection menu in Digitizer Tool, then use Ctrl+C to copy to the clipboard and Ctrl+V to paste in a new instance of Global Mapper. Then use the Search button (binoculars on toolbar) to show table of all of those points. Right-click on a value in the Population column and choose the STATS option to get the sum of all values which should be the total population.


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    B ack at thiss one again Mike - several years later! Still no luck. First I import the overlays for all of Canada ( which is 520,708 bytes. Then I click on that in Tools>Control Centre. The I right click on that and go down to Join, selecting the Dissemination blocks for the Northwest Territories. Then import coverage curves for a site in question, but nowhere in the picture does DBPOP2016 appear!

    Can you please assist?


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