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contour lines: summit points, depression points and saddle points

hgleixner Global Mapper UserTrusted User
edited October 2014 in Suggestion Box
Hello, if I generate contours, there is the option "Generate Spot Elevations at MIN/MAX Elevations". That option generates only two additional points. I would like to suggest an option, by which all of the tree kinds of distinguished points of a relief representation would be generated (summit points, depression points and saddle points). It should be possible. Are there chances to get it? Regards Henry


  • Jasmine_BMG
    Jasmine_BMG BMG Staff
    edited February 2014
    Hi Henry,

    Thank you for your suggestion, I have submitted a Global Mapper enhancement request to add Summit, Depression and Saddle points to the 'Generate Spot Elevations at' command. The work order # is 13011.


  • hgleixner
    hgleixner Global Mapper User Trusted User
    edited October 2014
    do you proceed in your plans? Or: can I put the number 13011 into a priority list by myself?

    I would highly appreciate if all summits, depression points and all saddles would be generated by one mouse click. For example all summit hights of a topographic map could be checked using a DEM behind the map...

  • Albs
    Albs Global Mapper User
    edited October 2014

    On a similar theme, are there any plans to have closed contours around depressions formatted with inward-pointing hatches/hachure marks automatically? I'm not sure if they're used on US maps, but they are in both UK and Canadian topographic maps.


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