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Hello my name is Szabolcs.

I made some cave modelling in global mapper and I want to export to 3D pdf file. The softwer(global mapper) make the file without any problems. The situation is I set up my mapping points to the project(attributes), and when I view in 3D mode, my points dissapear and I see just the 3D model, and the same happens when I export to 3D pdf file.

Can I get a solutoins or help.

Thanks in advice.

Best Regards,


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    What format of data are your 3D points in? Are you setting up which attribute to get the elevation data from on the Options dialog for the layer?


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    Hi Mike,

    The format is a shape file (.shp). I make cave datas in Compass(cave 2D modelling softwer). I can export 3D shape file with the compass. I setting up the elevation in Global Mapper (in "get elevation from attribute"), but I want to see my mapping points which I set up in Area Style--Apply Styling Based on Attributes/Name Values", I choose my mapping points and the softwer draw my mapping points on the cave 2D model(in normal view). The problem is: when I swicth to 3D view this mapping points (Area styling based on attributes/Name values) dissapear, also when I export in 3D format.

    Any solutions?

    Best Regards

    If you want I can send an e-mail, with some pictures.
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