ASTER WMS server down again

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Getting an error when attempting to download ASTER elevation data.

Any idea what may be causing this and is there a fix?

Text from the error window:
Global Mapper v14.1.4 (b040913) [64-bit]
Error downloading WMS data tile

<?xml version='1.0' encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
<!DOCTYPE ServiceExceptionReport SYSTEM " ">
<ServiceExceptionReport version="1.1.1">
This server no longer provides full WMS services!


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    The NASA/JPL server providing the ASTER GDEM data (along with a few other sources) has been down for about a month now. The administrator has responded and said they had it fixed, but it turns out it wasn't. I have emailed them back but haven't heard from them in over a week. There does seem to be a big lag between responses. Hopefully they get it fixed very soon. In later versions of Global Mapper we do show a status message as soon as you access the source so the reason for the source not working is explained immediately. Once it starts working again the status will go away.


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