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Most of these question are based on never having used any lidar data.

I have been evaluating a Sensefly E-bee Drone. While processing the data (using their version of Pix4D Mapper) and it generates a couple of .LAS files. Now I think these are pseudo lidar files generated from photographs as I know there is not a laser on the aircraft. There are two files from the one project I have flown. One is quite large 5gb and the other is the file name with 100cm appended to the file an is roughly 5 mb in size.

First question is what the heck do you do with a 5 gb las file? GM wouldn't read the file. I didn't try ArcGIS.

Is it easier to get rid of trees with a las file?

Do I need the lidar module to do the editing to get rid of the trees if possible?

Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum.


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    Those E-bee's look awesome, I saw a video of a group of them mapping the Matterhorn.

    Usually a .LAS file is a Lidar file. Even a 5GB file should load into the newer Global Mapper versions as a point cloud. What kind of error do you get when you try and load it?

    Once you can get it in assuming the Lidar data isn't already classified you can use the automatic ground classification option in the Lidar module to try and automatically identify and classify ground shot points. Once those are identified you can filter out everything else to just have a ground file.


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    The E-bee is a nice setup. It is almost fool proof to use. We did a test flight on my property and it the flight took 9 minutse to cover my 10 acres. It actually covered about 30 acres total. The unit captured 90 photos in a crossing pattern and generated a orthomosaic at 3.6cm/px. It took about 1.5 hours to process the data usting my Mac Book Pro I7 running Parallels 9, including the LAS files.

    I tried reading the 5gb file with v14 before I upgraded. I will give it a shot with v15 today. I actually think the 100cm file might be better for survey type contours. I never really used GM much before this project. I mainly used it to get file from one format to another for use with Autocad, Arcgis or some other format. The more I have used it recently, the more I am impressed. Definitely the Swiss Army Knife of Software for Surveyors and Cartographers. Thanks for the great software and fast support.
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