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OS GML Contours to Heightfield for 3D Topo

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We need to build quite a few 3D landscapes over the coming weeks, for some illustration, derived from OS Terrain 50 GML contour files.

I downloaded the trial version this afternoon - I am a newbie with this and GIS, though very familiar with 3D modelling and animation - I need to get that contour data into a form where I can create a topo mesh for animation, either directly exporting a 3D mesh, or a heightfield.

I have some GLM Contour files loaded, I have the Overlay Control Center open, and as far as I understand, I RMB-click an entry and select Grid to start to do what I need, but I keep getting this error: 'Failed to generate any elevation grid tiles', but don't understand why.

I'd appreciate any help, and also if I have the workflow wrong.




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    It sounds like perhaps your contours don't have any elevation data assigned to them, or at least not in an attribute that is recognized by default. If you select one of the contour lines with the Feature Info Tool (the little 'i' on the toolbar) is one of the listed attributes the elevation? If so you can open the Options dialog for the contour layer and select which attribute to get the elevation from, then try to generate the contours.

    If you still have trouble can you zip up and provide one of the files so we can take a look and see where the elevation is?


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