Exporting distance / elevation file from path profile

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I am currently using version 9.03 as the starting point for creating elevation profiles ultimately in Adobe Illustrator. After loading a dem and shapefile and then selecting a path with the digitizer tool, I can generate a path profile for the selected path. Then I can select file / save distance / elevation file to export a comma delimited text file for further processing through excel and illustrator.

The problem I'm having is that the Global Mapper program is exporting over 31,000 distance / elevation data pairs which overloads the Illustrator graphing function (besides providing WAY too much information). I've tried going to options / specify sample count / spacing distance to change the sample count, but even if I set the sample count to 2 or the spacing to 1000 meters I still get the 31,000+ data pairs. I've tried all of the sample count options but to no avail.

What's weird is that I've done this successfully in the past and have gotten around 1,000 data pairs which worked great through the rest of the workflow, I just can't find the right knob to turn to change the number of distance / elevation data pairs exported from a path profile. Any suggestions?

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