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Hey global mapper pors
I’m trying to present two overlapping layers in 3D view
The two layers have different z values (but the same xy).
Is there anyway that one layers will assume the elevation from the other layer but keep it’s on
color scale (according to its original elevation values) ?
Basically I’m trying to draper on layer on top of the other
If you guys have a solution for me it will be great
Omri Gadol


  • CassandraQCassandraQ Global Mapper User Posts: 34Trusted User
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    The 3D viewer in Global Mapper will only display one terrain surface, though we expect to add the ability to view multiple terrain surfaces in a future release of Global Mapper. As it is now, the viewable terrain layer is determined in the Overlay Control Center. A work around for this may be to export the terrain surface as a raster/image and drape that raster over the other terrain surface. Exporting it as a raster will eliminate the z value but will allow it to be viewed in the 3D viewer using the color scale select during export.
  • omriomri Global Mapper User Posts: 14Trusted User
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    Thank you Cassandra

    It did work to some extent, I recommend that you add this option to the next versions

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