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Hello, I am having trouble getting my vector export to KMZ of point data names to show up when opened in Google Earth. The last time I did this (about 9 months ago), I did not have this problem. The Attribute Name of "Name" is the same as the "Name" of the data point that shows up when click on the data point in GM. Is there a switch I'm missing on the export to cause the "name" of the data point to become the "name" of the data point in GE? The KMZ opened in GE for all of the data points shows [no name]. This seems kind of basic, sorry. I just can't find discussion in the forums about. Thanks for your help, -Peter


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    Hi Peter,

    What version of Global Mapper are you currently using, is it the same version as before? I am not aware of any changed made to the handling of the Attribute 'Name' for KMZ exports. If you are on Global Mapper v15, please test the export in the latest build and let me know if the issue persists - and provide a data sample, if possible.

    Global Mapper v15.1: Global Mapper Downloads


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    Thank you, Jasmine, for getting back to me. Re version of GM, I was using v15.0, but upgraded to v15.1 per your direction. After so doing, I exported again, and the problem persists. I can send you the vector file produced from GM as well as the data file imported to GM from which the GE/KMZ file was created, but it's unclear to me how to add an attachment. Can you clarify? Look forward to your thoughts, -Peter
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    You can email the file to geohelp@bluemarblegeo.com. Are the display labels showing on the map in Global Mapper prior to exporting to KML/KMZ? I would expect any displayed labels to automatically export. If they aren't showing on the map you can check the Vector Display tab of the Configuration dialog and make sure that you haven't disabled the display of labels as that now effects whether the display label exports to KML/KMZ.


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    Ahh, I understand now re display of labels. I had that turned off for the points being exported and it now works fine. Thank you! -Peter
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