Export and Re-Import of Bing Tiles

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1. I have exported some tiles using Export> Export Web Format> Bing Maps (Virtual Earth Tiles> with the following parameters:

Zoom 11, 5 Zoom Levels, .jpg, All data visible on screen


R:\_data\Documents\Public Documents\BingTiles

I get a bunch of tiles such as 3000322310.jpg, 3000322311.jpg etc... in the BingTiles folder. So far so good.

When I try to add the same folder as an Online Data Source I am doing the following:

Add New Source> Google Maps Tiles> file://R:/_data/Documents/Public%20Documents/BingTiles/%quad

.jpg, Zoom level 11, Web Mercator and have left the Bounding box at the defaults.

I then give it a source name and try to connect, but recive nothing to display.

I am guessing their is something wrong with the following URL:


Can you please let me know what the correct format is to retrieve locally stored Bing/VE type tiles?




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