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Missing Quadrant on Export

GM_Nub Global Mapper User
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I am trying to export some 1m imagery with vector features overlayed.

The problem is after the export each of the geotiffs has a quadrant missing from it and is filled the GM background colour. The images also are shifting to the right by 1 pixel.

Each images needs to be exactly the same as the original (add vector features rasterized on top).

I do this buy selecting all the images. Creating Area Features from the Selected Layer Bounds. Selecting the new user Created Features with the digitizer tool. Edit the feature to remove the style (border null, uncheck show label). Export GeoTiff > generate ftw checked > default compression. Gridding option specify individual grid cell width (10000x10000 as are the images from the orginal GM export). Export bounds > crop to selected area features.

Side note: The system is telling me that it is low on temporary memory, but only when half way or more through the process.

Any advice to get GM to export the whole tiff (gridding at 10000x10000) and stop shifting to the right by 1 pixel would be appreciated.



  • GM_Nub
    GM_Nub Global Mapper User
    edited January 2014
    I should note that I am using Global Mapper 12.02.
    Here is an image of the problem after export. Background was purple during export, changed to yellow for screenshot. I also turned on the labeling of the individual images.

    Missing quadrant.jpg
  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
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    What type of data do you have loaded to start with? Is it a bunch of image files or perhaps a map catalog? The missing quadrant is pretty strange, but you are on a pretty old version so I don't recall if there was any kind of problem way back in v12.

    There is an option in later versions to snap exports to input pixels rather than forcing them to the export crop area corners. In later versions that new option is in the Advanced section of the General tab of the Configuration dialog and is called 'Export: Snap Export to Pixel Boundary if Possible'.

    You might get the latest v15 trial from Global Mapper Downloads and see if it behaves how you want with that option checked and also ensure that the missing quadrant problem goes away. You can also contact to get information on upgrading from v12 to v15.


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  • GM_Nub
    GM_Nub Global Mapper User
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    The original imagery is uncompressed GeoTiff. I overlayed shapefile vector data that I want to rasterized onto the original images.

    Unfortunately we can't upgrade at this time. I'll mention it to my employer though.

    I'm going to try compressing the original imagery first, then export that with the vector data on top. Hopefully that will solve the issue with the missing quadrants.

    As for the pixel shifting, I am going to try to clip the vector data to the interior or the imagery. If that doesn't work I'll just try shifting it back after its rasterized the vector data then export it again.

    Thanks Mike.
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